AMAZING Pekka Executioner Deck! (Arena 9,10)

Hey guys, it's Firebolt. This is a custom deck that I have made recently and I wanted to share it with you guys. I changed the cards around many times to get this perfect combination that is great at defeating the current meta. It does require the executioner so you will need to be in arena 9 to be able to use this deck. Enjoy!

The Cards

P.E.K.K.A. - A great tank that deals a lot of damage. This will be the main card in your pushes.

Executioner - Probably the best support card out there. Great against hordes of troops. Exactly what the Pekka struggles with.

Barbarians - Nessasary to defend against things like hog rider, elite barbarians, etc. Also great at distracting the inferno tower to protect the Pekka.

Elixir Collector - Crucial if you want enough elixir to get a good elixir advantage and crush your opponent with this heavy deck.

Skeleton Army - An extremely versatile card that can serve as a cheaper version of barbarians or can be used why they are out of rotation. Great at protecting the executioner when it's venerable behind the Pekka.

Minions - Brilliant at destroying ground only targeting units and defenses also a great support card. 

Freeze Spell - Allows time for your push to build up and for the Pekka to get to the tower

Arrows - One of the best spells in the game. Can take out things that this deck can struggle with (minions, princess, goblin barrel, etc.)



Since this is such a heavy deck, ideally you will want to start off with the elixir collector. This will allow you to have enough elixir to get your push going in overtime. If you don't have the elixir collector in rotation, either wait for your opponent to make the first move, or place the Pekka in the back.

This deck truly shines in double elixir because of how expensive it is. You'll pretty much want to stick with defense until double elixir unless you have a healthy elixir lead. This deck is easy to shut down if you don't have all your elements in play. Note that using the Pekka as a defensive card is not a bad idea. Especcialy after the latest balence changes whre the Pekka is deployed sooner.

Your main push in this deck will vary based on your opponents cards, but the idea is the same You're going to want the Pekka and the exicutioner in every single push. If your opponent has an inferno tower, consider putting the barbarians in front of the Pekka, if not you can put them along side. Minions are another great card to have in there if you have the elixir. However, it's a good idea to leave some elixer for the freeze spell because these until can destroy an opponents defence if given enough time to do so.

Helpful Tips

  • Save skeleton army or barbarians for defensive purposes
  • Avoid being the first to strike with this deck, this deck is easily countered by your opponent if you don't have the right cards in place
  • Substitute cards as needed. The meta is always changing and it is a good idea to change your deck based on what kind of card you're facing 

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