Best ‘Clash Royale’ Battle Ram Decks & Strategy To Help You Win The New Rare Card Challenge

Best ‘Clash Royale’ Battle Ram Decks & Strategy To Help You Win The New Rare Card Challenge

  • The Battle Ram Challenge begins Friday, February 3 and will last for three days.
  • The Challenge comes in a Classic and Grad Challenge version.
    • The first entry to a Classic challenge is free, but subsequent challenges are 10 gems if you choose to try again.
    • The Grand Challenge costs 100 gems every time you enter.
  • You can lose up to three games before your challenge ends.
  • If you manage to win 5 games in Classic mode, you will win one Battle Ram card. In Grand Challenge mode you win 10 cards after 5 wins.
  • If you manage to win 12 or more games in the Battle Ram Challenge, you win the grand prize and of course and 5 or 50 Battle Ram cards, for Classic and Grand challenges respectively. The complete breakdown of cards won at each challenge level can be found below.
  • For both the Grand and Classic Challenge, players can pick any cards they want for their deck – including cards they don’t yet own. The deck must include a Battle Ram card.
  • The Battle Ram Challenge will be played with Friendly Battle rules, meaning King Tower is level 9, and all cards are leveled as follows: Common = 9, Rare = 7, Epic = 4, Legendary = 1
  • Players can enter the Battle Ram Challenge as many times as they want.

    Clash Royale’ Battle Ram Challenge Decks and Tips

    Below we’ve compiled several decks and general tips offered by Clashers around the web. Some include strategy, others simply the deck. These are compiled in order to give players ideas about the kinds of decks they might use in the Battle Ram Challenge. When the challenge begins, we’ll add new decks that have proven successful.

    Battle Ram Challenge Deck #1 (Source: Reddit)

    • Fireball
    • Skeleton Army
    • Electro Wizard
    • Tombstone
    • Zap
    • Executioner
    • Battle Ram
    • Log

View all 10 decks below

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