Best Decks for Trophy Pushing [Video]

Hog Cycle Deck

The first deck is this very popular Hog cycle deck. This is probably the most popularly used deck right now by not only top players but also so many people in Arena 8 and 9.

The reason I recommend this deck is because it’s proven to be a very powerful deck and has cards that are easy to upgrade. Except The Log, you can literally upgrade any card in this deck easily.

If you don’t have The Log, then you can certainly use Zap instead. The main reason to use The Log would be for Tombstones, but Zap can also be very valuable for instantly killing Skeleton Army and the combination of Ice Golem + Zap can instantly kill Minions.

This deck works very well against almost any deck in the game.

You may have some problem while dealing with Lava Hound decks but luckily we don’t face them a lot these days. If you do, rush on the other lane with your Hog Rider immediately once your opponent places the Lava Hound down. This deck Elixir Average is just 2.6 so always keep the pressure. Don’t let your opponent has enough time to play the Lava Hound (or Golem, P.E.K.K.A, etc).

Goblin Barrel Rocket Deck

The next deck is this super strong Goblin Barrel + Rocket deck. (Please take a look at this page to see how the nasty Rocket Goblin Barrel combo works!)

This deck can counter almost anything in the game and is one of the safest decks to play it. It’s a pretty easy deck to learn too.

All you have to do is play defense with while constantly pressuring your opponent with Goblin Barrel and Princess. If you don’t have Princess, a good replacement for her in this deck would be the Dart Goblin.

You have lots of ways to bait Zap and Log with your Skeleton Army, Fire Spirits, Princess, and Inferno Tower.

Mortar Rocket Deck

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