‘Clash Royale’ Goblin Gang Release Date: How To Get & Use Rare Card

‘Clash Royale’ Goblin Gang Release Date: How To Get & Use Rare CardThe Clash Royale Goblin Gang release date is will come soon. According to the game, it will be coming in 18 days. This quick guide will help you on how to get it.

How to get the Goblin Gang card

Clash Royale developers had a special event for the Battle Ram card. To be able to acquire the Battle Ram card, you did not need to go to the store and buy into the promo. Instead, there was a special event challenge that came up. Basically, if you were able to win five times out of 12, you would be able to get the card right away after finishing the event. This meant that a lot of the players now have the Battle Ram. However, they are not as used to it yet as they have probably not reached the desired level, which is level seven if you are on Arena 10.

How much does it cost

In the same way, the Goblin Gang card may come in a special event as well. However, a lot of players feel that it will be easy to get as it is a common card unlike the Battle Ram which is a rare card. Furthermore, it might be sold for about 500 Gems for 100x card if it will go through a promo. This is due to the usual pricing of the new cards. Epic cards usually come at 400 Gems for 10x cards.

In terms of Elixir and Gold, this card is very cost effective. If you have a Goblin or Spear Goblin card, you will have three of each for the price of two Elixirs. If you use both cards, it means that you will be spending about four Elixirs. With the Goblin Gang, you will have the same amount of Goblins and Spear Goblins for only three Elixirs. Furthermore, you also do not have to upgrade two cards at different times. You will only have to upgrade one card.

Clash Royale Goblin Gang release date

As it was mentioned earlier, the card will be released in 18 days. In the calendar, this means it will come at Feb. 24, 2017. This is more than two weeks away, but there are a lot of players who cannot wait for this card to come out.

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