4 New Cards in Clash Royale!

The Heal Spell, Night Witch, Bats, and Bandit are all new cards coming to Clash Royale very soon!

Brief Analysis:

Bats: Bats are a cheap, flying cycle card with similar stats as skeletons. They can be used on defense to do a ton of damage or to quickly fly into an assault and be used on offense. Even though they can be killed by almost any blow, most notably zap, they excellent if your opponent doesn’t have the cards or elixir to deal with them.                                                                      









Night Witch: The Night Witch shares many similarities to the normal witch but with some key differences. The Night Witch costs 4 elixir, which is one less than the Witch. It also spawns bats instead of skeletons and is a melee unit, so it does not have the long distance splash of the Witch. However, she has significantly more health. Enough to survive a shot from a mini Pekka and a big Pekka. Overall the Night Witch will be a versatile card that will perform very well behind any tank.

Heal Spell: The Heal Spell is exactly what is sounds like. For 3 elixir will heal troops within a certain radius. At tournament standard, it will heal 176 health every second for 3 seconds. Troops cannot have more than it’s initial health. So if a troop is already at its maximum health, the heal spell will have to effect.

Bandit: The Bandit is a cheap 3 elixir melee troop. She has the same 750 health as the Night Witch but is much faster. The Bandit will dash to its enemy if it gets too close. This makes the bandit great for killing units that are spread across the map. She can be well worth her 3 elixir cost if played correctly.


Note: All 4 cards are still in development and their stats are subject to change


Credit to Orange Juice for much of the information for this post.

Check out his video (With Bandit Gameplay!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ThsLJawavE


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