The WORST cards in Clash Royale

Are there some cards in clash royale that you think are just terrible and need a buff? Here is a top 10 list.

  1. 1


    No question about it. The mortar is hands down, the worst card in the game right now. It does a measly 45 damage per second, has little health, and takes forever to deploy. Ever since it was nerfed several months ago. It has become almost unusable.
  2. 2

    Hidden Tesla

    The reason why the hidden tesla is so bad is because of its value for 4 elixer. It's rarely worth the extra 1 extra elixer to use the tesla when you can just use the cannon or tombstone that work just as well if not better.
  3. 3

    Clone Spell

    Don't get me wrong, the clone spell is one cool card, but a zap is all it takes to destroy the weak little clones. It's just too easy to counter and doesn't bring much value to a deck. Especially when you can only use it once or twice in a match.
  4. 4

    Dark Prince

    There is no reason for you to use the dark prince over the regular prince. Even if he gets to the tower, he isn't going to do much to bring it down. He just isn't worth it.
  5. 5


    This card is just isn't worth it for 6 elixer. It's much to easy to counter. Pretty much anything that can counter buildings can take it out. Oh, and if they have lightning, rocket, or fireball... game over.
  6. 6

    Bomb Tower

    The bomb tower may be good at lower arenas, but after arena 6 or 7 you will find the inferno tower much more worth it than the bomb tower as it does a pretty bad job against the meta right now, Not to mention the fact that any type of minion is pretty deadly to the bomb tower.
  7. 7

    Barbarian Hut

    Unless you use a spawner deck, there is almost no use for this card in any deck.
  8. 8


    Sparky is one of the easiest cards to counter in the entire game. The only use for this card is in some lower arena decks
  9. 9

    Giant Skeleton

    The Giant Skelly is a gamble. If he doesn't get to the tower, then pretty much your whole push is destroyed. However, he is good on defense in lower arenas.
  10. 10


    Ever since they nerfed the poison to where it doesn't have slowness, this card has been pretty much obsolete. You're much better off using a fireball. EDIT: This card is being buffed soon to where it would no longer be on this list.

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