Top Common Mistakes while playing Clash Royale + Tips Inside

Top Common Mistakes while playing Clash Royale + Tips Inside

Don’t play a card If your opponent has the direct counter to it in his hand.
Tracking cards is very easy: Once your opponent uses a card, he will have it after playing 4 more cards. Be wary in case your opponent can cycle through his deck quickly.

Always count your opponent’s cards to see whether he is hiding any surprising card (usually Three Musketeers, Rocket, Lightning, Graveyard…).

Never underestimate Epics and Legendaries in Challenges. You are probably used to the ladder, where commons and rares are overleveled a lot.

If a card don’t solve a situation or don’t affect the battle, don’t play it!

Know when to give up on a push.
Assuming that you launch your best push towards the opponent Tower and he deploys 3 Musketeers to defend. If you can’t touch them, your push is gone. If you Zap them, the 0.5s stun does nothing and the damage is useless. In this case, it’s better to give up!

Know when to sacrifice your Tower’s HP.
For example, let that Mega Minion get 2 hits on your Tower instead of using Fire Spirits to defend, which can easily counter the opponent’s Minion Horde.

Sometimes, you event have to sacrifice your the entire Tower.
For example, a P.E.K.K.A 3 Musketeers is coming down to your Tower. All you have is only 3 Elixir, which is enough to place the Knight down. The Knight is totally useless against this push, your Tower will be wreaked anyway. If you waste 3 Elixir for nothing, they might get your King’s Tower too. It’s better to wait until you can play a better card.

Think twice before using the card for the first time of the battle.
Assuming that your opponent uses Minion Horde and you have Electro Wizard and Arrows in your hand. They both will do the job very well but try not to reveal Arrows too soon since it’s the hard counter to his Minion Horde when he needs it the most.

Watch the shadows of the flying troops, not their bodies. While playing, you should notice that sometimes you use Fireball to kill the Minion Horde but you might miss some.

Sometimes, getting positive Elixir trade is not the priority. You should factor in counterpush value too.
For example, use Executioner instead of Arrows to counter the Minion Horde then transfer into the counterpush.

If your pushes always get stopped, consider using spells to damage his Tower (Rocket, Fireball, Lightning). Simply go on full defensive mode and use your spells to damage the Tower repeatedly. Hold your finger on a card to see how much damage it does.

Top Common Mistakes and Tips for Cards


Don’t place troop and the mirrored one at the same time and in the same place as your opponent can counter them all with the same cards.

Since mirror is a good surprising card, think twice before revealing it. Also pay attention If your opponent has played only 7 cards.

2 Fireballs can do 500 damage to your opponent’s Tower. Use them to win the battle!


You should avoid late zapping. Don’t Zap the Skeleton Army If your Hog is almost gone. This is very important right now as people are using Zap bait deck a lot.

Mega Minion

A lone Mega Minion can be take out by any troop (with the help of the Crown Tower).

Ice Wizard

If your opponent deploys the Tombstone and you don’t want to attack first, place your Wizard down on the same lane. He will continuously stop to kill Skeletons, giving you a lot of time.

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